Where It All Began  



One of the reasons I became a Performance Psychologist stems from my love for tennis. I grow up as a junior tennis player but often struggled to succeed in my performances. One time I hired a coach with a squash background. Unlike other coaches I had worked with, his sessions were different because he largely focused on my mentality. This inspired me to self-learn and self-apply psychology. Later still, this resulted in me winning and achieving points and positions which were unprecedented for me up until that time.


Whilst winning is important to me, I have found that my true passion lies in helping individuals achieve their true potential in their journey to sports excellence. 


I have a combined knowledge and understanding of Sports Psychology and Sports and Exercise Sciences. My intention is to set up work and create strategies that resonate with you as an individual. Cookie-cutter approaches to this type of work will usually fail as it is all about achieving your goals by tapping into your personal values. Mastering this step may not be as easy as it might sound, but when done properly, it helps build confidence, which leads then leads to one to develop a winning mindset. 


Furthermore, as I work in a team of professionals who are masters in many other specialties  and therapies other than mine, I have created access to other tools at my disposal where I can dive deeper into exploring who you are more holistically.


Over the past 2 years, I've been working one to one with some notable names in the sport, supporting with their personal development to achieve new levels of greatness. 


My clients love the way I work with them to unlock previously untapped potential they didn’t was within them. 


This has resulted in 6 of my private clients improving their win ratio by 72%, and 9 of them achieving personal best   (or milestone performances) after more than 5 years in the game.  “Melissa made me feel more confident now than ever, not only in myself  but also in how I deal with situations going forward, I came away with a clearer head and it helped me focus more”


I believe everyone can optimise their life and performance in a sport if they use sport psychology methodologies. Controlling the unconscious mind is key to elite athletic performance. 

Melissa Dhillon (BSc., MSc.) Peformance Psychologist 

BASES Supervisee Sports and Exercise Scientist