One to one support’s combine effective approaches to meet needs and manage mindset to achieve personal goals, improve performance and enhance holistic well-being as well as mental health. 

Performance Coaching 

For individuals in high pressure, results-orientation environments like elite sport and performing arts. 

Health and Wellbeing

Feel more like you. Empathy, genuine and congruence in our holistic approach can drive well-being. If your mind is healthy, your brain is healthy. Just like suffering from poor physical health, anyone can suffer from poor mental health. Overall health is linked to the mind and this my priority for you.

Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries are unpredictable at times in performance which can really take a toll on your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and plans. I understand the frustration on moving forwards can be a struggle. The associated pain is often not just isolated to the physical injury.


The feeling of uncertainty and confusion about changes to what your ‘normal’ is can have unexpected effects. If you have chosen to change, whether it is retiring or progressing to a new role, let's make the plans and benefit your mental game plan.